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Call us on 95183400 to treat your injury today!

Call 95183400 or 0414465879 for our Leichhardt physiotherapy clinic treatments for acute joint and muscle injuries. After hours sports injury and fracture clinic. Acute disc and whiplash treatment. You are treated only by senior and highly skilled physiotherapists.

New successful treatments for arthritis!

Make significant improvements in your quality of life in 12 weeks! We are testing and treating people with hip and knee arthritis with low intervention exercise programs. We classify your arthritis and measure how well you respond in 12 weeks

New Exercise Physiology Service 

Dr Simon Sostaric tests and manages athletes to maximise performance. He monitors patients to improve their quality of life and decrease risks that lead to early illness and premature death.

Did you know?

Low fitness is a strong predictor of diabetes,heart disease & premature death

Being overweight is a major cause of diabetes & heart disease

Modified lifestyle has immediate positive effects on health

The program:

Assess cardiorespiratory fitness & health risk

Blood test to determine metabolic profile

Body composition

Specific exercise & modified lifestyle plan to match your needs

Regular monitoring

What's the next step?

call us on 95183400 to book your consultation

Simon's weight loss programs are scientifically formulated and customised to suit your specific physiology and metabolic profile.Simon assesses and monitors your progress very carefully to ensure your are adapting and responding effectively.

Better outcomes for complex orthopaedic conditions!

Anton Sostaric has a special interest in the management of complex congenital and acquired orthopaedic and neurological conditions including scoliosis, nerve entrapment, ankylosing spondylitis and spina bifida. Anton uses physiotherapy specialised problem solving and strategic pathways to achieve good functional outcomes. Please contact Anton on 95183400 if you wish to discuss management of complex orthopaedic problems

Mobile Physiotherapy Service

Mobile and after hours Physiotherapy treatment

Anton Sostaric has treated many people after hours on weekends and public holidays: even Jason Alexander AKA George Costanza from Seinfeld!

Many a touring show and performers such as Cirque Du Soleil, Cindy Lauper, Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company, Cate Blanchette, Jennifer Hawkins and Il Divo have enjoyed rapid response to injuries suffered on tour or during a show.

Please call 0414465879 for after hours physiotherapy house calls, hotel visits, work site visits and corporate massages. Mobile service covers the CBD-airport, inner west and north shore.